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There are many people in the world who like to watch movies and I am also one of those people, whenever I wanted to watch movies earlier, I used to download and watch movies from HDMp4Mania 2022 website.

But now everything is not as before, the government has closed many illegal websites like HDMp4Mania over time. So today I will tell you in this post how you can access HDMp4Mania website and I will tell you how you can download movies from this website.

On HDMp4Mania, You can Download all the Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies, Wrestling Shows like WWE Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact Wrestling, PPVs, Selected Indian TV Shows and Indian Web Series and much more absolutely free and without any hassle.

Who is HDMp4Mania 2022?

HDMp4Mania One of the trending movie download websites that leaks the latest Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English movies on the same date of release. But watching movies in theaters and OTT gives you a great experience. Most of them are looking for replacement for O2Cinemas after O2Cinemas got banned.

A lot of new websites came after O2Cinemas got banned but tamilblaster is one of the best replacement for O2Cinemas. And now a lot of people have started using HDMp4Mania for movie download.

Download movies from HDMp4Mania is illegal?

No, this is not a legal way to download movies from the internet. You can get the original version of any movie only on OTT sites like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee Premium.

With all, HDMp4Mania It is not safe to visit any pirated website as sometimes they will show malware ads. So if you want more security of your files in your mobile and PC then it is better to avoid it.

Why HDMp4Mania link is not working?

HDMp4Mania The link will be updated frequently, so make sure you enter the correct URL. otherwise, you HDMp4Mania Can’t access website. If the website was blocked sometimes you HDMp4Mania cannot reach.

Some of the Old HDMp4Mania links 2022?

HDMp4Mania ts tamilmv net
tamilmv ac tamilmv fc
HDMp4Mania ws HDMp4Mania fc
HDMp4Mania.kmv HDMp4Mania lk
HDMp4Mania.ji HDMp4Mania.tk
HDMp4Mania qw HDMp4Mania qwx
HDMp4Mania watch HDMp4Mania oi
HDMp4Mania1 net HDMp4Mania uy
HDMp4Mania tr HDMp4Mania tb

How to Open HDMp4Mania by using VPN?

You can connect to any country by using any VPN software. HDMp4Mania can visit the website. VPN is allowed in most of the countries so you can download it from Google Play Store only. For Apple users go to the Appstore and download your favorite VPN application.

If you are in google chrome HDMp4Mania This means that you need to install the Chrome extension of the VPN. There are a lot of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. After installing the extension, one click to connect VPN and enjoy visiting any site from other country.


O2Cinemas After that there are two websites which are becoming very popular, one is Tamilballsters and other is TamilMV. But there is no official confirmation that both these websites are owned by O2Cinemas. But there are many accounts available on Twitter in the name of O2Cinemas. They are saying that Tamilballsters is the new site of O2Cinemas.

How HDMp4Mania uploads movie on the first day?

Nowadays many movies are being released on OTT platform only. Anyone can watch the latest movie if you pay some money on OTT platform. These websites like HDMp4Mania are paying some money and download the content from OTT sites and re-upload it on their site.

Reuploading movies on other sites allowed or not?

No, it is not allowed to re-upload any content without the proper permission of the copyright owner. This is the reason why HDMp4Mania website is getting banned due to many DMCA takedown requests. If you upload others’ content it means your site will be removed from Google search engine.

Why O2Cinemas links always changing?

If HDMp4Mania are uploading movies with proper permission then it means that the link will not be changed again and again. That’s why they keep changing the link of their website. Mostly they don’t change their domain name, but they do expand frequently.

How to Watch Online In HDMp4Mania

Most of the websites do not allow you to download and watch online. But in HDMp4Mania you can both watch and download movies. They have a separate website for online viewing, so normal HDMp4Mania cannot watch movies online on the website. Stream Blasters is website to watch online.

Is HDMp4Mania a safe movie download website?

Piracy websites are never safe for you to use. Although the sites are very well known, they are at risk. Websites ask you for your personal information and can leak your data and expose it to hackers. So make sure that you do not use the website to download movies.

Is downloading a movie from HDMp4Mania legal?

Tamil Blasters is a piracy website which is a punishable offense as per the rules. Therefore, you may face punishment and fines for using the site while downloading movies as described in the law. That’s why we prefer that you use legal paid websites to download and stream movies online.

How to Download Movies From HDMp4Mania 2022?

There is no direct download link available on HDMp4Mania website, you need to install utorrent application on your PC or mobile device. If the download speed is slow, try the premium version of the torrent.

Best OTT sites for watching Online Movies 2022?

  • Amazon Prime
  • HotStar
  • Netflix
  • Zee Prime

NewsMenk.com Is not promoting movie downloading in any way nor wants to inform people that you download movies from such websites.

Our aim is only that people can know by reading this article that after all, how dangerous can it be for us to download movies from such websites and what we are doing is illegal or not.


Today, through this post, we learned how this pirated website made movies. Piracy Which is completely illegal.

I would request you to stay away from such website otherwise you may have to pay for it.

I myself do not use such website because I am well aware that it is illegal to do so, we have published this article only so that people can be aware about such website.

HDMp4Mania 2022: Download Free Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi Movies O2Cinemas

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