10 Best Drawing and Painting Apps for Chromebooks

10 Best Drawing and Painting Apps for Chromebooks

While Chrome OS supports Android apps, web apps, Linux apps, etc., each app is not fully optimized to work on Chromebooks. But day by day, the number of optimized applications is increasing significantly, including apps that help you draw or paint. Recently, I tested over 20 drawing apps and this is the best of them to use on a Chromebook.

The best drawing and painting apps for Chromebooks

Before we install, let’s take a look at the in-build drawing app.

1. Chrome Canvas

It’s a pre-installed app that’s already on your Chromebook. Unexpectedly, it’s also very feature-rich and gets the job done for most of you. It supports most of the used brushes like pens, pencils, markers, etc., color, size, opacity and is also readable enough for smooth operation. Anyhow, it is not a professional tool and misses out on features like color modes, variety of brushes and shapes, curves, presets, etc.

2. Designer Gravit

Gravit Designer is a popular professional tool for drawing and painting. Along with a number of different brush types and features like snapping, creating pen paths, layers, using the knife tool to cut, or even creating shapes and symbols from a huge library of presets. You also have an editing section on the right where you can customize each line you draw and the tool you use to change things like opacity, angle, blend mode, style, blur, fill shadow and even position adjustment etc. Moreover, it is a PWA and works great on Chrome OS.

But to get features like offline mode, system font access, import/export feature, unlimited cloud storage etc, you need PRO mode which costs $49/ five.

To install open Gravit Designer and click the plus sign in the Address Bar.

3. Krita

Krita is an open source application available on Linux, Windows and Mac. It’s also now available on the Google Play Store for Chromebooks. It has all the professional features you would expect from a professional painting application, from Layers, Brushes to presets, filters, channels, etc. Since it is an open source project it also is free to use. The only note, the app doesn’t have a clean UI. Compared to other versions like Windows, Krita on Chromebook is still quite surprising. Nothing more and less, it’s just an app that was introduced recently and is still in beta, so you can expect issues to be resolved in the future.

Install Krita

4. Sketchpad

Sketchpad is also a PWA application like Gravit Designer, but it only provides the most important features. Thus making the application less cluttered and easier to start up. You can find a wide variety of brushes, color modes, presets, etc. because they are obviously what make a great drawing app, but miss out on the shading features, pen tools to select, create, and more. Paths, presets for shapes, etc. If you are looking for a professional drawing application unlike taking a course, Sketchpad is for you.

To install, open Sketchpad and click the plus sign.

5. Concepts

Concepts might just be another app that helps draw on your Chromebook, but it’s a lot more specific about one thing and that’s drawing concepts, models, house plans, etc. It looks minimalistic and modern. Modern with material design. But keep in mind, even the most basic features like adjustments, image import, etc. are available in the Pro version. But you can unlock them with a one-time payment of $9.99, which gives you a few more essentials. But if you are willing to get the professional version complete with features including more brush types, presets, future exclusive updates, customer support, community, etc., then it costs will be $4.99/month.

Install Concepts

6. ArtFlow

Artflow can be said to be a professional drawing application that is less distracting in a sentence. It uses the entire screen including Chrome’s dock to create a large area to work on the canvas. All controls are hidden inside the dot with located in the top right corner. You can click the dot and access all the features and controls that are automatically hidden once you start drawing something.

Coming to your features section, it contains only basic features like brush, color picker, shape, opacity etc and you have bells and whistles to find here. If you are looking for a clear drawing application that can give you a much larger canvas, Artflow makes perfect sense for you.

Install ArtFlow

7. Flipaclip

Flipaclip is not just a drawing application, it can be used as an animation tool. As the name says, it’s like the Flip Book but on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. This is how it works, you have all the basic drawing tools like brushes to draw with and when you add the second page you can see what you drew on the first page so you can take it as a reference to draw the next page. You also get some tools like scale and shapes that help you draw perfect shapes over and over again.

Install Flipaclip

8. Deviant Art Muro

Deviant Art is a community where photos and effects are posted that are free for anyone to use in their photoshop workflow. The site also has an in-built editor to design an effect that can be useful to add in photoshop. It’s also a web app but feature-rich and confusing tools on the go. That’s because the user interface is clumsy and a lot of the tools do almost the same things with a few differences. Nothing more and nothing less, once you get used to it, it gets the job done. If your main focus is creating effects to add to photos then you can use Deviant Art to find lots of free effects and you can also animate with Muro.

Open Deviant Art

9. Sketchbook / PhotoShop Sketch / Illustrator

That brings us to the most popular drawing apps on the Play Store from well-known companies like Autodesk and Adobe. Illustrator draw is a minimal drawing tool with few brushes and few options like layers and undo. While Photoshop Sketch is more of a sketching and shading platform than drawing. And my Autodesk Sketchbook is kind of a mix of both Photoshop and illustrator.

All three are minimal apps that you can’t go wrong with for small uses, but surprisingly if you’re looking for Pro, Gravit Designer, Krita, and Skectpad drawing apps that do a little better on Chromebooks .

Install Sketchbook / Sketchbook Photoshop / illustrator


Since all Chromebooks have touchscreens, these drawing apps work on almost any Chromebook you’re using, and you can also get an equivalent stylus to make your experience better. than. So which one will you choose? and let me know in the comments if I missed something.

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