12 Best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet

Google Meet is a clean and simple video conferencing application from Google. It has a lot of unique features like live captions, join meetings without internet, etc. However, it misses a few features when compared to services like Zoom that can improve the ability usability of Google Meet. However, most of these features can be added to Google Meet with the help of Chrome extensions. Let’s take a look at some of the best Chrome extensions for Google Meet.

Best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet

1. Meet the teacher

As the name says, this extension is useful for teachers and serves only one purpose. It blocks join requests once enabled. So, once the class starts, the teacher doesn’t need to take time to get everyone into the class.

Just click on the extension icon in the top corner of the browser and enable the toggle next to it Lock Google Meet and that’s it. It will block all students who are late to class.

Install Meet for Teachers

2. Google Meeting Attendance List

Here is another Chrome extension that can be useful for teachers. Out of all the meetup Chrome extensions, Google’s Meeting Attendee List is a less intimidating and simpler one. All you need to do is install the extension and start Google Meet and when you leave Meet open the people tab and click Save attendance. This will open a new tab with a list of people who attended the meeting. You can also view their attendance time and how long they stay in class.

To make this process automated, click on the Chrome extension icon and open Google’s Meeting Attendance List. Here turn on the switch next to automatic time attendance to track attendance and click Save attendance. You can also find Open Meet History Click here to find recent meeting attendance lists.

Install Google Meet Attendance List

3. Auto-register for Google Meet

If you’re hosting a meeting with people who aren’t from your company, you need to acknowledge them one by one. Needless to say, it can be quite frustrating if you have to accommodate a large group of people. This extension activates the Auto Import button in the bottom right corner which you can toggle on and off. Once enabled, everyone with the meetin’s link can join without you having to acknowledge them one by one.

But you’ll still see an acknowledge pop-up for a second before the extension jumps in and acknowledges on your behalf. There’s always a risk that someone could join a meeting uninvited or unwelcome, so double-check participants if it’s any personal meeting.

Install Auto Admit for Google Meet

4. Firefly meeting recorder

Firefly is a recording and transcription tool for online meetings. Not only Google Meet, this service also supports many other platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Amazon Chime, Slack, GoToMeeting, Google Voice, etc.

All you need to do is click on the extension icon while Google Meet is open. It shows you recording controls in a pop-up to start, pause, and stop recording. You can find your recordings in the Firefly control panel, where you can store up to 3000 minutes of recordings. It also copies recorded audio to save it in text format.

Install Fireflies Meeting Recorder

5. Google Meet Transcribe

Google Meet has a live captioning feature not available on any video conferencing app. This extension takes that functionality and takes it to a whole new level by taking notes from all those annotations. It automatically saves them as Google Docs files in your Google Drive.

However, there is no way to configure it and you cannot stop the transcription for any meeting. You can only delete it later.

Install Google Meet Transcribe

6. Google Meet Grid View

By default, the Google Meet Grid view only supports 16 people. It’s probably good enough for most situations. But if you want to see everyone in the meeting, use this extension.

The best part is that you have a lot of options to adjust from enabling grid view by default to resizing toolbars when grid view is enabled. You can access all of these settings right in the meeting in the top right corner.

Install Google Meet Grid View

7. Google Meet Call Timer

This Chrome extension for Google Meet helps you keep track of how much time you’re spending on a video call. Just install the extension and attend Google Meet. You can place a timer inside the Meet window and it looks clean, minimalist, and blends perfectly with the design style of Google Meet.

This timer can only be seen by you and it does not end the call automatically. It emits a small beep sound and displays a timer in red text indicating that your time has ended. If you are having a tight schedule or have some work, you can use this extension as a rest.

However, knowing how much time you’ve been on a call is just a basic feature for every video conferencing application.

Install Google Meet Call Timer

8. Google Breakout Meeting Room

Breakout rooms are a feature available in Google Meet, but only for Gsuite Enterprise customers. For others, this extension may be useful. Breakout rooms are useful for dividing an existing meeting into several subgroups.

So you can deal with everyone individually. You can manually add people to the group, change the layout, mute all, delete all, and you also have the option to broadcast your audio and video to all rooms if you want.

With such a number of features, you can expect this extension to be a bit confusing and require a small knowledge line to start using it.

Install Google Meet Breakout Rooms

9. Meet chat notifications

The chat feature in Google Meet is great for sending a quick message to everyone in the meeting. But for viewers, it doesn’t send any notification sounds and also doesn’t show notifications if you’re not on the Meet tab. This extension completely solves the problem of triggering system notifications when anyone messages in Google Meet.

So you can get notifications even when you’re not on the Meet tab and also get notification sounds instead of just a pop-up. However, you cannot access the Meet tab directly by clicking on the notification. To use this extension, make sure you have notifications enabled for Chrome in the system settings.

Install Meet Chat Notifications

10. Reaction

React is another cool Chrome based extension for Google Meet but for emojis and GIFs. Instead of just sending them as a chat message or pop-up notification, React pins emojis or GIFs on your video feed. So to use this feature you need to enable video option all the time.

Out of all the Emoji extensions on Google Meet, React can be considered as the best alternative as there is no need for other parties to install this extension.

Install React

11. Google Meet Advanced Kit

This Google Meet Chrome extension adds many features like tap to talk, auto mute, shortcut to end meeting, skip join screen, auto enable some features like live captions , etc

I like the Auto Mute, Quick Leave, and Auto Join features. Pressing shift+K end the meeting and you can skip the join screen. You can choose a paid subscription of $7 per month and get even more features like dark mode, Picture-in-Picture view, hide pop-ups to add contacts, etc.

The only note, some of these shortcuts work in the chat function of the meeting, so pressing Shift + K in the chat will immediately leave the meeting and there is no way to configure the settings yourself. shortcut keys.

Install Google Meet Enhancement Suite

12. Quiz Master (Quinzel)

The Quinzel extension enables the quiz feature on Google Meet. To get started, both parties need to install this extension. After that, anyone can choose to become a quizmaster and take a quiz with their own questions, or they can take a quiz with random trivia questions provided by the extension. grant.

Others may click Answer and the question manager can see who clicked Answer firstly. They can then answer questions during a Google Meet video call. This extension acts like a buzzer instead of a full-fledged trivia app where people can even provide their answers.

It also has options like correct answer score, negative score, etc. You can check this article to know more about how to set up and take quizzes on Google Meet

Install Quiz Master (Quinzel)

14. Take a photo

Snap Camera is not a Chrome extension but software that you can install on Windows and Mac. If you are looking for filters that you can add on Google Meet, then the Snap Camera app is the right choice as it provides the option to add Snapchat filters on Google Meet.

To use them, just open the Snap Camera app and select the filter. Now, in Google Meet, open settings and in the video section select Snap Camera in Camera preferences. That’s it, you can now have Snapchat filters on Google Meet.

To change the filter, you must use the Snap Camera app.

Download Snap Camera

Last word

There are some other extensions like the Party button that provide a side popper animation but are visible only to the person who has the extension installed. Pin Tactiq for Google Meet to save live captions, etc. But anyway, my favorite is the enhanced suite, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments section.

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