13 best streaming apps to watch movies and series for free

13 best streaming apps of 2020 to watch movies and.webp

This guide will show you the best streaming APK right now. Applications can be installed on FireStick/Fire TV, Android TV, Nvidia Shield and any other Android device. The list is updated frequently, so you should always check for the latest version.

Home entertainment has transformed over the years, and most people no longer trust watching their favorite cable TV shows live. Thanks to Technology, Now We Can Watch content on demand at home, or anywhere.

This was made possible by the various streaming services available and hundreds of streaming apps that allow you to enjoy the content for free. In this guide, we will focus on the best streaming apks of 2020 to watch movies and series, which provide A great way to cut large wire beads to millions of people around the world.

Most of these applications are designed for the Android operating system, which is the most popular and flexible platform. Therefore, applications can be run on all popular devices running the operating system.

The application listed here does not contain the content provided by them, Instead, they look for links to publicly available sites on the Internet. links like this May contain pirated content, Which is illegal in almost all countries.

To avoid receiving a copyright infringement notice or face legal charges, We always recommend that BestDroidPlayer readers use a streaming VPN, This will help to encrypt your online activities and also hide your real IP address from third parties.

  • Typhoon TV

    If you got a chance to use Typhoon TV, you can guarantee that it is one of the best streaming APKs right now. The app hasn’t been around for a long time, but INow it is gaining popularity due to its excellent performance and ease of use.

    It is a Titanium TV clone, but has been improved upon by removing all ads and getting better streams than its predecessors.R. It can also be improved with the Real-Debrid setting, which will allow you to access better links to watch movies and series.

    Some categories of the app include Trends, Recent Updates, New Shows, Releases, Today’s Broadcasts, Most Popular, Most Played, Most Watched, Top Rated, Netflix and Hulu, and Various Genres of Movies and TV Shows are included in.

    Below is a guide that you can use to set up Typhoon TV.

    How to Install Typhoon TV on Firestick and Android TV

  • puzzles

    Kodi is one of the most popular forms of transmission Movies and TV shows at home. Although it is not an APK like the others in this guide, the best streaming apps of 2020 have millions of people using the app.

    Streaming in Kodi is possible by third party Kodi plugins that can be installed To watch Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Anime, Kids content and more. These plugins are from different developers, but you can check out our Kodi guides to see how to install the most popular and best working plugins. we also a The Complete Guide to Kodi It tells you everything you need to know about Kodi.

    See Our Kodi Guide

  • unblock mytv

    UnlockMyTV is a clone of the popular CinemaHD, but it’s better since It’s small, fast and doesn’t show ads;Hence, it deserves to be included here as one of the best streaming APK to watch movies and series. It has an interface similar to its predecessor, but offers more and better links.

    UnlockMyTV has categories like Popular, Trends, Top Rated, Broadcast Today, Drama, Comedy. with app, You can watch almost everything in 1080p.

    How to Install UnlockMyTV on Firestick and Android TV Box

  • popcorn time

    Popcorn Time is a little different from the other best streaming APKs on this list because Uses torrent technology to deliver content, The application has a built-in BitTorrent client that allows you to stream movies and TV shows through an integrated player. One of the best things about Popcorn Time is that it downloads a portion of the file before it starts streaming. it means that Even with a slow internet connection, you can enjoy smooth streaming.

    However, Internet service providers (ISPs) and government agencies have focused on torrents in recent years, as millions of people around the world use it for illegal transmissions., Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that before starting Popcorn Time, Turn on your IPVanish for privacy and anonymity.

    How to Install Popcorn Time on Android TV Box

  • high definition cinema

    as the name suggests, Cinema HD is a dedicated streaming app Allows you to watch recent popular as well as TV shows. streaming app it is completely freeAnd it allows you to search for any movie or TV show that interests you.

    The app is very easy to use and features dozens of streaming links that can be viewed in up to 1080p, You can also integrate Real-Debrid to get HD links and Trakt.tv to follow what you are watching.

    How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick and Android TV Box

  • Titanium TV

    Titanium TV is a clone of the legendary TV Terrarium, Since then, it has spawned a few clones, but Titanium TV stands out. Being one of the best streaming APK, it manages Receive multiple reliable HD broadcasts that are completely free, You can also configure Real-Debrid for a better streaming experience.

    Titanium TV is regularly updated with new episodes and moviesand so you can keep up with the latest.

    How to Install Titanium TV on Android TV Box / Firestick

  • CatMouse APK

    CatMouse APK is another fork of the famous TV TerrariumAnd it has a huge user base. One of the reasons CatMouse is one of the best streaming APKs is its many 1080p streams. App streams are much better than Terrarium TV and don’t even have ads

    CatMouse works perfectly on all devicesAnd can integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv.

    How to Install CatMouse APK on Firestick and Android TV

  • mediabox hd

    MediaBox is a great app for HD movies and TV shows. It is completely free and works very well. The app has an awesome interface with great features and categories. There’s a section with popular titles and even a “Choose a movie for me” option, which is great if you’re not sure what you want to watch. The application extracts many links, and have offline viewing option

    How to Install MediaBox HD on Firestick and Android TV Box

  • Cyberflix TV

    Cyberflix TV, like Titanium TV app, is one of the best successors to Terrarium TV, and offers tons of high quality content and great functionality. The app has a similar design to its predecessor and still has more high quality links.

    Cyberflix TV lets you easily watch almost any movie and TV show.

    Here’s How to Install Cybercrime TV on Firestick and Android TV Box

  • b tv

    BeeTV is one of the best streaming APK for movies and TV shows., The app has a friendly interface and highly responsive, experienced and professional customer service. Bee TV is frequently updated with contentAnd, if you want you to lose some, You can create a “Special Request” and the content will be added.

    Removes multiple sequences for the application you watch in full HDAnd it also supports Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv integration.

    How to Install Bee TV on Firestore and Android TV Box

  • Zion TV

    TVZion is another third-party video on demand application that allows you to watch free content, The app specializes in TV Shows, Movies and Anime content, which is Usually HD, but you can adjust the quality Depends on your connection.

    One of the features of the app is that unlike most apps, Choose the best transmission link for you, and you don’t have to do it alone. TVZion is Fully Firestick Compatibleand you will not have problems using the application.

    how to install tv zion on firestick

  • Stremio

    Stremio does not work in the same way as most of the other apps mentioned here, It is a media organizer that works similar to Kodi in some way. the application has grown Kodi is extremely popular with users due to its simplicity and excellent functionality.

    Stremio allows you to install third-party plugins That you can stream anything from News, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music and Live TV. anyway, it Use BitTorrent technology and always make sure a good VPN like IPVanish is enabled

    See more about Stremio

  • new tv

    Nova TV is a new application Drafts of movies and TV shows over the Internet to offer free streaming in Full HD and SD, it is one Clean and easy-to-use interface, and content updated frequently So you can keep up with the latest releases. Hence, this app promises to be one of the best and most popular streaming APKs.

    How to Install Nova TV on Firestick and Android TV Box

  • The best past streaming apk lets you enjoy movies and TV shows without paying a single penny, You can try a few and let us know what you think in the comment section below. For the best streaming experience, consider Real-Debrid integration as it provides quality links with no buffering issues.

    I hope this list of best APKs of 2020 helped you to enhance your streaming options to watch movies and series.

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