Monday, August 15, 2022

15-Year-Old Girl Suffers From Water Allergy

Arizona teenager is one of 100 patients in the world suffering from water allergy. They are unable to take a bath and their own tears are as acidic to them.

Abigail Beck is a 15-year-old teenager suffering from aquagenic urticaria, a rare condition. As soon as a drop of water drips on their body, inflammation and irritation start because water has the status of acid for them. She vomits profusely every time she drinks water.

Even tears are very painful for them because salty liquids hurt them a lot. “My life is ruined. Every time I drink water, my heart burns and my heart starts beating fast,” said Abby Gail. They take pills. Sometimes they also drink pomegranate juice and energy drinks.

Abby Gail does not sweat at all and has not been out in the rain for years because it is raining more than usual in her area. They don’t feel thirsty and the water tastes bad.

A few days ago, he drank a sports drink which contained excess water. This caused a reaction in the stomach and she had been suffering from pain for some time. The most dangerous aspect of their disease is that even the most skilled doctors in the world are not aware of this condition because so far only a few dozen patients have been found to suffer from this severe water allergy.

Abby Gail says her allergies are getting worse and worse as she gets older.



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