5 Best Calendar apps for iOS or iPhone to organize your daily life

5 Best Calendar apps for iOS or iPhone to organize

Calendar for iOS or iPhone there are a dozen. There are so many choices available in the App Store that your head will quickly start spinning just thinking about downloading an app. It’s not that Apple doesn’t offer a built-in calendar app, it’s that it’s inadequate and lacks the advanced features that the competition is offering.

The truth is, it’s impossible to recommend an iPhone calendar app to everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, or possible. This is why we are going to introduce several iOS calendar apps for different users with different needs.

Calendar for iOS / iPhone

first. Google Calendar (Generally the best free)

Unlike Apple Calendar, Google Calendar is not only available on both Android and iOS, but also easily accessible through the browser. Google Calendar integrates with a number of other Google applications located in G Suite. That means it can pull data from Google, Gmail, Drive and Maps contacts, for example. You can set reminders or create events and send invitations. Creating multiple calendars to preserve different aspects of likes is easy with this iPhone calendar.

Events are updated in real time, there is RSVP, and you can also share the calendar with others. It is easy to use and comes with features like personal goal setting and smart scheduling. Choose what you want to study this year and based on your schedule, Calendar will figure out the time. It also learns from your behavior and how you use the app.

Useful for people who are part of the Google ecosystem or who need something simple, free but powerful.

Download Google Calendar: iOS (Freedom)

2. Apple Calendar (Beginner)

All iPhones come pre-installed with Apple’s calendar, aptly called Apple Calendar. This iPhone calendar app is pretty simple and bland, but good enough for beginners who only need such apps occasionally. You know, birthdays, holidays, planning days and more occasional events.

I was surprised to find out that Apple’s Calendar for iOS and iPadOS are missing natural language parsing. Considering that it’s available to macOS users, it’s even tougher. Why is there no love for iPhone users, Apple?

Like all Apple apps, Calendar has a clean, minimalistic interface. It integrates with Apple Maps but not many people use it. You can sync Google Calendar and other calendar app entries with Apple Calendar easy though. Adding events and sharing calendars is easy, and there are several run views to choose from.

Too simple and pretty basic but some people may just need it.

Download Apple Calendar: iOS (Freedom)

3. Fantastical (Premium users)

Fantastical not the usual calendar app on your iPhone. No. This amazing iOS calendar app not only analyzes natural language, but also displays visual cues of how the app will look when an event is generated. These visual cues eliminate the second guess or need to double-check, so you know exactly what needs to be run this command to get the end result. No other calendar app for iPhone is capable of doing so, right now. Another cool feature is creating separate events and tasks.

It comes with some neat features like 10-day weather forecast, Google Maps integration, multiple reply and time options for invitees, check invitee availability and attachments from popular cloud storage sites. Fantastical is really great if you are someone who has events and meetings that last all day. About the busy company guy. Stick to a subscription model where prices start at $4.99/month.

Download Fantastical: iOS ($4.99/month)

4. Calendars 5 (Media users/professionals)

Think of Calendars 5 as a stripped-down version of Fantastical, retaining all the most basic and essential functions for a one-time price of just $6.99, which is much more affordable. Calendars 5 also integrates with Maps, Apple Reminders, and other important apps. It easily integrates with other calendars but what I like is the Timeline view.

Pick Calendars 5 if you need something as powerful as Fantastical but for a one-time fee instead of a subscription.

Download Calendars 5: iOS ($6.99)

5. Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft users)

If you’re using Outlook or the desktop, or part of the larger Microsoft family of apps, Outlook makes a lot of sense. If you don’t, Outlook still makes sense. Outlook combines email, calendar, and tasks, all into one handy user interface. Outlook is already a powerful email client and calendar app that integrates with all other Microsoft apps like OneDrive, Office suite, Google, etc. Everything comes together seamlessly.

You need a Microsoft account to make it work, but even if you’re an Apple person, Outlook is still a formidable competitor. There are several views to choose from, and when you sync all your calendars and other apps with Outlook, it acts as a centralized hub to manage all your events, emails, and tasks. .

Download Microsoft Outlook: iOS (Freedom)

Finished: Calendar App for iOS/iPhone

There are several calendar apps available on the App Store for iPhone users, but you only need one. It should be noted that Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook are the only ones that are platformless and available on any operating system, any device. Others are most attached to the Apple ecosystem. If you’re not confident or unsure, I recommend you start with these two iPhone calendar apps first, then try other apps if needed. 5 Best Calendar Apps for iOS or iPhone to Organize Your Daily Life. I hope this article provides useful information for you. We’d love to hear your suggestions and questions, so get in touch NewsMenk.com or leave us a comment.

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