60% Reduction In Mango Production

60 reduction in mango production

Pakistan’s ‘King of Fruits’ mango production has declined significantly this year, the biggest factor being climate change. Apart from this, severe water shortage, load shedding, shortage of diesel and closure of water lines have also caused these problems.

Dr Abdul Ghaffar of the Mangore Research Institute (MRI) in Multan said that a significant drop in temperature was observed in this regard from March 11 to 17 last month when the temperature rose from 37 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius as compared to last year. Temperatures averaged 37 degrees Celsius that month.

That is why the rise in temperature in the most important month in mango cultivation has had an effect on the decline in production. Abdul Ghaffar said that during the crucial flowering process, severe weather has severely damaged Pakistan’s vital crops, which has now reduced production to 60 percent.

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