66-Year-Old Car Auctioned For Rs 28 Billion

66 year old car auctioned for Rs 28 billion

The world’s most beautiful car broke all auction records. Sixty-six years old car became the most expensive car in the world. Mercedes Benz auctioned off its 1955 model car. The car was auctioned for Rs 28.61 billion. Built in 1955, this car also has the distinction of being the most beautiful car in the world.

In Germany, the 1955 model Mercedes Benz was bought by a car enthusiast for Rs 28.61 billion. There are only two versions of this car, named after the chief engineer who built it.

The car was capable of traveling at 180 miles per hour, one of the fastest cars ever made.

According to Sotheby’s, the car sold for almost three times the previous record. According to the car buyer, the Mercedes-Benz 1955 will be available for public display on important occasions.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to set up a Mercedes-Benz fund around the world.

Which will fund environmental science and de-carbonization research.

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