7 best 3D photo apps for iPhone in 2021

7 best 3D photo apps for iPhone in 2021

We’ve talked about the different 3D photo apps you can find on Android, but what options do you have if you’re an iOS user? Well, there aren’t many, so it’s pretty easy to confuse the good with the bad. I assume you don’t want to waste time downloading and trying it out yourself. Here are some of the best 3D photo apps for iPhone that I’ve tried and found worth mentioning. Let’s get started.

7 best 3D photo apps for iPhone in 2021

1. Fyuse 3D Image

Fyuse takes your 3D photo game to the next level with help and tutorials. With a variety of tutorials, you can perfect your selfie, real estate, pet photography, etc skills quickly. Any beginner can follow these tips and use the app better. Unlike most 3D photo apps for iOS, instead of just enhancing the depth of the photo, you get more space horizontally. This makes it easy to swipe the image to view it from different angles.

Fyuse 3D Photos is free but requires you to sign in with Google, Facebook, or your e-mail ID.

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2. Parallax

Use Parallax if you are always in a hurry to take a photo. Immediately after installing and opening the application, you will have many options such as editing, converting photos to 3D, capturing 3D images, etc. You can convert images quickly or take pictures yourself for more flexibility with angles. It also comes with shooting modes like short, classic and smooth that allow you to adjust the number of shots in an image. Whichever method you use, you can add filters and effects using the built-in editor.

The app costs $4.49/month and comes with a 3-day free trial. You also get a lifetime subscription option that will cost you $37.99.

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3. LucidPix 3D Photo Creator

If you’re looking for a social media touch that allows you to connect with and enjoy 3D images posted by other users, you’ll probably love LucidPix. Not only can you take photos with your iPhone, but you can also view existing images in 3D in the Gallery app. The popular 3D photo app for iPhone has plenty of built-in editing tools, photo filters, options to add text, etc. One major downside that might make you reconsider is that you get a watermark that is only available. can be removed by upgrading to the superuser version for less than $1.

The app does a great job of giving your images a 3D feel, but I still find cases where the image has been transformed into a stretched version of the original image.

You can check out this in-depth guide if you want to read more about LucidPix and how to convert images to 3D on your Android or iOS device. It is available on both platforms.

Understanding LucidPix 3D Photo Creator

Note: This app uploads images to its server to process them

4. PopPic – 3D Photo Camera

While you can do almost anything with other 3D photo apps, I added PopPic to its list of filters. There are many filters in the pro version which are great but are locked behind a paid wall. So for anyone willing to upgrade, effects like clone, kaleidoscope, and pixelate among others are well worth a try.

The professional version of the app costs $0.99/month with a 7-day trial period. The lifetime plan is cheaper and will only cost $7.99.

Understanding PopPic – 3D Photo Camera

5. Loopsie – Aesthetic 3D photo

Loopsie is a 3D photo app that allows you to add 3D stickers or virtual objects to your photos. On top of that, you can join a group of 3D photos of Loopsie users by using the hashtag # #loopsie in your posts. As you may have noticed the aesthetic in the title, you will find a variety of forms including vintage, 1950s look, overexposure, money rain, earthy palette, reflections, etc. I tried several things and the processing worked perfectly for all of the photos.

If you want to remove the watermark, the app also has a professional version, which will cost you $5.99/month or $59.99 for a lifetime license.

Understanding Loopsie – Aesthetic 3D Photo

6. Facebook

Since most of us are spending more time on Instagram, you might have missed this Facebook feature. Similar to the 3D photo apps for iPhone listed above, you can actually create a 3D painting from images from your gallery. This will also work if you’re the page’s editor or admin. Follow the steps below to take your own 3D photos on Facebook.

To begin, select ‘What’s on your mind? at the top of your news feed and click on photo/video at the bottom from the content options.

This will open the library window. You can select a photo from your gallery and hit next or you can click on the camera icon in the top right corner to take your own picture.

After you do that, it will automatically be loaded and displayed in the next window. You will find a Make 3D icon at the top of the photo, just tap it.

The video will take a few seconds to process depending on your connection. That’s it. When done, move your phone around to go through the 3D photo and tap Add to your post to post it to your feed. You can also remove it by selecting remove 3D before posting pictures.

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7. StoryZ Photo Motion

Converting any photo to 3D is fun, but what if you want to create a 3D motion effect in a still image? For example, you want to create a cloud, the movement of water in an image where you are still. A regular 3D photo app for iPhone will fail miserably because it won’t be able to create the seamless effect we want. So StoryZ will come into play. You can bring your images to life by simply making a gesture on the image to create a ripple effect.

The best part about this app is that it allows you to add overlays, backgrounds, effects, sounds and even more. Although it’s free, you can upgrade the app to the premium version with a monthly bill of $3.99. Upgrade removes ads and also allows you to add up to 4 overlays.

Understanding StoryZ Photo Motion

Closing comment: 3D photo app for iPhone

So here are the best 3D photo apps for iOS in 2021. If you use Facebook more, contrary to what I stated above, try using the native 3D photo feature in the Facebook app. The quality is better and you can also post it on social media right away. Finally, StoryZ photo motion is another great choice for adding motion in any still image with moving subjects like water or clouds.

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