A Case Has Been Registered Against A Woman Who Made A Video By Setting Fire To Margalla Hills

A case has been registered against a woman who made

A case has been registered against Tuck Tucker, a woman who made a video by setting fire to Margalla Hills. The text of the lawsuit states that a video of Tick Tucker named Dolly circulating on social media.

The case was registered at Kohsar Police Station on the complaint of Assistant Director, Department of Environment, CDA. Margalla Hills National Park is the site of several wildfires. The fire has caused extensive damage to birds and plants.

It may be recalled that a video of two youths setting fire in the forests of Margalla came to light yesterday. In the video, Tuck Tucker can be seen setting fire with the help of a lighter. Tick ​​tock can be seen making videos.

Islamabad Wildlife said that action will be taken against the tick takers who set fire to the forest to make videos of tick tickers and increase followers.

The administration said that the punishment for setting fire to forests in Australia is life imprisonment, strict laws need to be brought in Pakistan.

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