Friday, August 12, 2022

A case was registered against the spectator who entered the field during the match

A case has been registered against a spectator who entered the ground during the second ODI match between Pakistan and West Indies in Multan.

Section 452 and section 188 have been included in the FIR against spectator Waqas who broke into the ground during Pakistan’s batting during the match.

According to police, Mohammad Waqas Ashraf on his way back from the ground ran towards the spectators and tried to flee from there, due to which these two sections have been included in the FIR. Now Waqas will be physically remanded and further investigation Legal action will then be taken against him.

In the second ODI, a spectator entered the field in the 39th over of the Pakistani innings and saluted Shadab Khan at the crease after which the national all-rounder embraced him.

After meeting Shadab Khan, the spectator happily returned but after that the police took him into custody.



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