Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A new world record of breaking 148 coconuts in one minute

Mohammad Kremenovich from Germany has broken 148 coconuts in one minute and has set a new world record, which has been confirmed by Gunzbek of World Records.

Mohammad Kriminovich has already won the honor of cracking the most coconuts with one hand five times. But this time their number is more, they have also demonstrated it directly in the city of Milan, Italy.

This time, the conditions for making the record were that the presence of the opponent was allowed and the breaking of the coconut with both hands was also allowed. However, it was necessary to break the coconut with one blow of a single hand rather than repeatedly hitting it with a hammer-like hand.

This is why Kreminovich himself is called a player with hands like a hammer who has already broken many records.

However, now in Milan, he has broken 148 coconuts in one minute with one hand for the sixth time.



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