Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A speeding car accident in Rawalpindi killed the driver

A speeding vehicle lost control of the driver and plunged down the bridge on Mandira Kalayam Road in Rawalpindi.

According to a media report, a traffic accident took place on Mandira Kaliam Road in Rawalpindi, due to which a person named Asif was killed and four others were injured.

According to the rescue officials, the high-speed vehicle lost control of the driver and fell on the railway track below the bridge, as a result of which one person died on the spot while four people were injured, who have been shifted to the hospital for immediate medical assistance. The injured persons have been identified as Zubair, Khurram Shahzad, Manwar and Ashfaq. On the other hand, the accident-prone vehicle near the railway track has been removed by a crane.



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