Friday, August 12, 2022

A woman who was confined to her house to avoid people’s eyes for years has passed away

47-year-old Nicola Kilby, who spent years hiding in a house in Cirencester, UK, has died.

Nicola, a mother of eight, aged 8 to 27, was diagnosed with an incurable disease a few years ago that began to alter her face and body features, prompting her to hide from the public eye. He confined himself to the house.

Five years ago, Nicola Kalby was diagnosed with a rare inflammatory disease of the veins called “Wegener’s Granulomatosis”, which began to change her appearance.

After contracting the disease, Nicola stopped going out of the house and taking pictures, while she stopped looking at herself in the mirror.

The said disease had seriously affected her ears, nose, kidneys and lungs, while in the last time Nicola had lost her hearing and speech.

After battling this strange disease for five years, Nicola Kalbi, who once considered herself beautiful, cheerful and avid traveller, lost her battle for life after spending the last years of her life confined to a house.



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