Friday, August 19, 2022

Accused of promoting violent content on YouTube

It has been revealed that during videos specific to young children on YouTube, they are attracted to websites that promote violent content through advertisements.

According to the report, almost one in two child-specific videos contain advertisements that take users to other websites with inappropriate content.

This means that children watching ordinary cartoons can be taken to websites that promote 18-plus content, such as the violent video game Grand Theft Auto, with just one click.

This flaw has been exposed by an NGO called ‘Global Action Plan’, which is calling on the government to amend the online safety bill to tighten restrictions on social media advertising.

“No company, including Google, should make money by showing violent video games to young children,” said Oliver Hayes, who led the policy and awareness campaign at the Global Action Plan.

The study, conducted in conjunction with the digital rights group Focus Glow, found that the ads were being shown alongside videos that had been branded as ‘child-specific videos’ by their creators or YouTube itself. Presented on

These include videos from Barbie’s official YouTube channel, which has 11 million subscribers, and cartoon videos from the TV show Pip & Pussy, which is exclusively for children aged 2 to 5.

Advertisements displayed during these videos appear to be age-appropriate, such as an ad showing a picture of a child’s toy and encouraging viewers to watch a zebra test, a gaming platform for young children. Is.

However, after clicking there, a large amount of Google ads pop up which are constantly popping up.

They feature advertisements for violent video games, including the horror video game ‘Granny’, in which a corpse chases a gamer with a bloody bat. They also include advertisements for the adult-themed Grand Theft Auto game, which often features abuse, crime, drugs and provocative scenes.

“In this way, YouTube is indirectly showing inappropriate and harmful content to millions of young children,” said the Global Action Plan.

Oliver Hayes urged Google to immediately fix the bug and ban links to advertisements that lead to child-specific videos on other websites.

The NGO has called on the British government to amend the Online Safety Bill to ban inappropriate advertisements shown to users under the age of 18 and to limit ads on social media companies to 10 per cent. Be bound

YouTube says it has restricted user data collection.

However, a YouTube spokesperson said: “Protecting our youngest users is our top priority. We keep in touch with parents, governments and experts to ensure that YouTube is a secure platform.”



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