Thursday, August 18, 2022

Actor Tanveer Jamal is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Japan

Senior Pakistani drama actor Tanveer Jamal has been admitted to a Japanese hospital due to a serious illness. Tanveer Jamal was diagnosed with cancer last month after which he moved to Japan

World-renowned actor Tanveer Jamal was diagnosed with cancer last month after which he moved to Japan. Tanveer Jamal also has Japanese citizenship.

It should be noted that actor Tanveer Jamal’s wife is Japanese and his entire family lives in Japan while he used to come and go in Pakistan. His daughter and son also got married in Japan.

A video of actor Tanveer Jamal sitting in a wheelchair in a hospital during his serious illness has also gone viral on social networking sites, in which he looks extremely weak and wears a gas mask to breathe.

A leading Urdu daily in Pakistan had quoted sources close to the actor as saying that Tanveer Jamal had been admitted to a hospital in Toyama.

Actor Tanveer Jamal also has Japanese citizenship and goes to Japan every few months due to family residency there.

Tanveer Jamal was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2016, but later recovered, but his health has been deteriorating since last year.

Actor Tanveer Jamal gained nationwide fame from director Kazim Pasha’s play Janglos, after which he worked with Jinnah in city dramas like Quaid, Samjhauta, Babar, Antha, Janam Jalli and Jalte Suraj and reached the heights of fame.



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