Addiction to online gaming became expensive, Rs 39 lakh flew from the account

Addiction to online gaming became expensive Rs 39 lakh flew

Rs 39 lakh (Indian currency) was stolen from the account of a retired Indian soldier’s son for playing an online game.

According to foreign media, the son of a retired soldier from the Indian city of Agra was addicted to online games, due to which the soldier’s account became empty.

The son was playing an online game on his father’s mobile phone when suddenly 39 lakh Indian rupees were withdrawn from the soldier’s account. We told the crime wing that we did not know how the money was transferred from the account and no message was received and we did not download any app.

The Cyber ​​Crime Wing acted on the soldier’s complaint and also retrieved the soldier’s account details, which revealed that the money from the victim’s account first went from PTM to Koda Payment and then to a bank account in Singapore.

According to the report, the bank account belongs to Crafton Company which runs an online game called ‘Battle Ground Online India’.

Police filed a lawsuit against the company and found that the game had to pay for weapons and other features, and the game was in auto-payment mode, with the soldier’s son buying items and playing accounts while playing the game. An amount of Rs. 39 lakhs was spent.

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