Friday, August 12, 2022

After me, people have stopped watching cricket, Ahmed Shehzad

Ahmed Shehzad, a member of the national cricket team, has claimed that people have stopped watching cricket since he left the team.

In an interview to Cricket Pakistan, he said that there is a whole world outside of social media but when I meet fans in real life, they tell me that they have stopped watching cricket because I am not part of this team. ۔

“I am correcting my caste and game-related mistakes,” Ahmed Shehzad said. I will work hard as long as I have loved ones.

He said that he prayed for the current openers of Pakistan to continue their performance.

“I was injured for a year and a half and came back after recovering. I did not win the sympathy of the people by telling them about the injury,” he said. Salami Better said that it is very difficult to return to cricket after a long time, everyone’s eyes are on him. He has performed well in all the cricket he has played so far.

He said that the use of social media has been reduced, those who used to criticize me would be tweeting the most today.



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