After the restoration of peace in Swat, the Pakistan Army handed over the affairs of the area to the civil administration

After the restoration of peace in Swat the Pakistan Army

In a ceremony held at Kanju Cantonment, Swat, the division headquarters was separated from Swat by the Pakistan Army, after which the powers were transferred to the Civil Administration.

According to ISPR, after clearing the area of ​​Malakand division from militants and restoring the state writ, the transfer of powers to the civil administration was completed by the Pakistan Army in 2018. The area has now been handed over to Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North) to meet future law and order situation.

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan and Corps Commander Peshawar Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed attended the change of command ceremony. Holders also attended.

According to ISPR, the Pakistan Army had already completed the transfer of power to the provincial government in 2018. Since then, the Army Division has been focusing on providing security and cooperation in the implementation of development projects in the Malakand socio-economic domain, Swat. This transition is a real manifestation of the return to normalcy and peace in the region, the result of the great sacrifices and unwavering commitment of the local people and law enforcement agencies.

The Chief Minister KPK thanked the Army for setting up Kanju Cantonment Swat. The Chief Minister acknowledged that the sacrifices made by the Army for the establishment of lasting peace in the region would always be remembered.

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