Ahead of Iceborne’s release, we’ll get information that fans will love

Ahead of Icebornes release well get information that fans will

Capcom used PAX West to introduce new gameplay for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the game’s new expansion that will add new monsters, maps, and more a year and a half after its release. Thanks to YouTube user Tom who collected the video and TwinFight showed us on the news we know Capcom prepares interesting information for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Fans will love this. In the video, we discover Acid Glavanus and even a random fight against the Tigrex. The Community Manager, Yuri Araujo, is responsible for controlling the performance.

The interesting part of what’s shown is at the end of the video, when game creator Ryozo Tshijimoto takes the stage to post a final message that many people may not understand due to the artist’s translation. , Commenting on Twinfight, Tsijimoto confirmed that Capcom will be released before Moscow Hunter World: Iceborne provides new information for the sale. “It will inspire fans” and encourages us to stay tuned before Iceborne releases.

In particular, we have no idea what interesting information Ryozo Tshijimoto could refer to. The point is we should be on the lookout for next week as we learn important news about the game, the upcoming expansion or its development before the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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