Tuesday, August 9, 2022

All healthy men and women of the country should donate blood as soon as possible: Arif Alvi

President Dr. Arif Alvi on the occasion of International Blood Donation Day said that healthy people of Pakistan should donate blood to bring happiness to the patients and their families.

In his message on the occasion of International Day, the President said that the purpose of this day was to create awareness about the need for voluntary donations. Today we thank volunteers and free blood donors for saving lives.

Awareness campaign on blood donation is very important in Pakistan. The rate of blood donation in Pakistan is very low compared to other countries of the world. The President said that most of the blood donations in Pakistan are made by the patient’s friends and relatives.

The President said that in order to dispel misconceptions about blood donation, awareness must be created on all traditional and social media platforms.

He said that all healthy men and women of the country should donate blood as soon as possible so that more lives could be saved. ۔

Providing blood donations on a regular basis by an appropriate number of healthy people will help ensure the availability of blood at all times. Healthy people can donate blood again after about 12 weeks, while platelet donors can donate platelets 24 times a year.

We need to find new blood donors, encourage more existing blood donors.

The President said that there was a need to create the necessary infrastructure for blood donation, screening of donated blood and safe keeping of blood in accordance with internationally recognized standards and values.



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