Friday, August 19, 2022

Amazing shoes on a 3D printer for diabetics

Experts from the Indian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with research institutes on diabetes, have developed shoes on 3D printers that protect the feet of diabetics and prevent medical problems.

Unlike traditional shoes, sandals are designed to fit each patient’s foot structure and walking style. This way the patient’s leg stays straight and he stays balanced while walking. In this way the process of wound healing is also accelerated.

According to doctors, when blood does not reach the veins in the feet of diabetic patients, they begin to lose consciousness. This process is called ‘diabetic peripheral neuropathy’ in medical parlance. In the general sense, we put the heel on the ground first, but numbness of the soles of the feet worsens this arrangement and increases the chances of sores and injuries on the feet. Then in diabetes the wound of this place is very difficult to heal.

In addition, the manner in which the legs are placed and lifted is severely affected. That is why traditional shoes are not suitable for this process and new shoes can be the solution to this problem. The shape of this sandal-shaped shoe is shaped in such a way that when a wrong step is taken outside a mold, under pressure, its mechanism returns to its original shape and keeps the toe in order and the way of walking is normal. Stays

However, the shoe is made according to the weight of each person, the structure of the foot, the walking style and the pressure. This way the patient can walk very easily. The most important thing is that the manufacture of shoes is very low cost as it has no actuator and no sensor.

Experts call it a shape-remembering shoe.



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