Amazing work of scientists The human liver was corrected in a machine and transferred to the patient

Amazing work of scientists The human liver was corrected in

German scientists have done an amazing job. They first repaired the human liver in a machine with the same human body environment and transferred it to a patient.

In addition, the human liver was kept out of the body for three days, which is another achievement. Scientists at the University of Zurich and the University Hospital of Zurich have worked tirelessly to create a machine similar to the human body in which the donated liver is kept alive for three days.

To fit the human body, a pump has been installed inside the machine which is an alternative to the heart. In addition, an oxygen generator has been installed which provides oxygen to the entire system while working in the lungs. Inside it is a dialysis machine which we will call artificial kidney. Liver workshop

The condition of the donated liver for the patient was so bad that it could not be transmitted to the patient. That is why it was placed in a perfusion machine to enhance its complex functions. The machine also contained essential fluids and basic ingredients. Vital organs such as the liver underwent antibiotics and hormone therapy. Some tissues were then tested.

Under normal circumstances, this would not be possible because before that the liver could only be preserved for 12 hours. However, in the perfusion machine this period was extended to three days and the donated liver was made biologically repaired and transplanted.

A liver cancer patient who was cured in mid-May this year was transplanted and is now living a quiet life after being discharged from the hospital.

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