Amir Liaqat’s ex-wife’s reaction to the exhumation order came to light

Amir Liaqats ex wifes reaction to the exhumation order came to

Amir Liaquat’s ex-wife Tobia Anwar has reacted angrily to the court order to exhume him.

In a statement issued on Twitter, Tobia Anwar said that if the authorities had not conducted an autopsy on Amir Liaquat, it would have been better to do so on the day of his death.

“More than a week after the death of Amir Liaquat, exhumation for postmortem is very painful for the family but I have faith in Allah’s will,” he said.

The ex-wife further said that I am sure that Allah is the best manager of our affairs, may Allah make things easy for the deceased and his family.

Prominent TV anchor, speaker and MNA Amir Liaquat was found unconscious in his room on June 9. Amir Liaquat was rushed to hospital where his death was confirmed.

Amir Liaquat had confirmed his second marriage in December 2018, his second marriage was with Tobia Anwar but this marriage did not last long and Tobia had also confirmed his separation from Amir Liaquat in February 2022.

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