Tuesday, August 9, 2022

An electric patch ready to repair and heal broken bones

German experts have developed an electrical implant to repair broken bones and report their healing, which not only helps to heal the bone, but also keeps the bone healthy thanks to the app.

Bone fractures are treated with steel plates and nut bolts, the pressure of which has negative consequences. This causes the bone to become crooked and the wound to worsen. In about 10% of cases, steel plates cause reverse damage and long-term complications.

The implant stays on top of the bone to monitor its health and also warns of the extra pressure on the bone. Its data can be retrieved wirelessly on the smartphone app. This feat was performed by experts at the University of Saarland in Germany. The automatic electric implant monitors the bone itself, which also reacts to bone changes. For example, if the load on the broken bone is too much, the graft becomes stiff and supports the load and reduces the pressure on the bone. In this way, proper arrangements are made to save the bone before the doctor. Otherwise the implant becomes soft and flexible at rest.

Once the bone is healed, any doctor can install it normally. Scientists have created smart electrical patches of many sizes and shapes to suit bones. In this way it can be attached to any type of bone, but more importance has been given to the broken bone of the shin.

Experts from the University of Saarland have installed 16 pressure sensors in the sole of the shoe and also noted the load on the leg. Its data has been helpful in making implants. According to scientists, even after bone surgery, it can determine the health of the entire system.



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