Saturday, August 13, 2022

Apple and Google are not good for consumers and society, founders of Proton Mail

Internet company Proton Chief Andy Yen claims that Apple and Google’s business model is not good for consumers and society.

Andy Yan, CEO of Proton Mail, a company that runs Proton Mail, an encrypted e-mail and Proton VPN, said that Tim Berners-Lee’s reason for creating the web was not the business model of the “supervisory capitalist system.”

Berners-Lee has been on the advisory board since September 2011. ‘Capitalism’ refers to the collection of data by large technology companies to create customer-oriented profiles and better advertise third-party companies. Provide information.

Google and Facebook have long been profiting from targeted advertising at the expense of consumer privacy, while Apple is building its own search ad advertising business.

Proton recently announced two new applications, Proton Drive and Proton Calendar, in its app ecosystem. These apps offer encrypted services to users and the company claims that it is more confidential than the paid services provided by Apple and Google.



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