Friday, August 12, 2022

Approval to increase the price of electricity by Rs. 5-27 per unit for K Electric consumers

NEPRA has increased the price of electricity for the people of Karachi by Rs5.27 per unit in the context of April’s monthly fuel adjustment.

In the context of April’s monthly fuel adjustment, NEPRA has issued a notification to increase the price of electricity by Rs 5.27 per unit for one month for electric consumers.

This increase will impose an additional burden of Rs 10.15 billion on K-Electric customers and this additional amount will be collected in July bills.

The increase will not apply to Electric’s lifeline customers, ie customers with a bill of less than 100 units.

K Electric had sought an increase of Rs 5.31 per unit in the April monthly fuel adjustment, on which NEPRA had reserved its decision after a hearing on June 14, which has now been released.

Last month, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had issued a notification for additional fuel cost adjustment (FCA) of Rs 4.83 per unit for electricity for K-Electric. Were to be received in terms of.



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