Monday, August 15, 2022

Australia disturbed by mysterious frog deaths

Large numbers of frogs continue to die during the winter in Australia, but scientists have not been able to determine the cause of these deaths.

According to a foreign news agency, Judy Rowley, a biologist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, said in a tweet on Monday that thousands of frogs had died across Australia last winter. In the last few weeks, as the weather has cooled, we have started receiving similar reports.

To understand the cause and scale of the deaths, researchers have asked people living on the continent to send any information about sick or dead frogs to the Australian Museum. And emails have started to be received regarding the deaths of others.

Researchers say that sick, old or injured frogs die in winter due to weakening of their immune system. Last year, such reports increased in late June and July.

Scientists have warned that a sharp decline in the number of frogs could have potentially serious consequences for our environment.

Scientists were unable to determine the cause of death of the frogs on their own due to the lockdown imposed under Coveid-19, after which they appealed to the local communities for help.



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