Bad news for power consumers, price likely to rise further

Bad news for power consumers price likely to rise further

Another piece of bad news has come to light for the people who are suffering from high prices. Electricity is likely to go up by Rs.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has filed an application to increase the price of electricity in the context of April’s monthly fuel adjustment.

The reference cost for April was fixed at Rs 6.60 per unit, NEPRA Authority will decide after hearing.

The increase will not apply to electricity and lifeline consumers. According to the CPPA, 18.55 per cent of electricity was generated from water, 16.74 per cent from coal and 12.07 per cent from furnace oil.

The unit cost of electricity generated from furnace oil was Rs. 28.19 per unit.

In April, 9.85 per cent electricity was generated from domestic gas, 19.42 per cent from imported LNG, 17.37 per cent from nuclear fuel and 3.59 per cent from wind.

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