Best Twitter Client for Windows for Twitteratis

Best Twitter Client for Windows for Twitteratis

The official Twitter app for Windows used to be a stretched version of the mobile app. Although they recently changed the user interface, it still doesn’t use the extra space that the computer screen provides. Also, there are other limitations like you can’t reply directly from notifications, don’t support multiple windows, etc. Here are some Twitter apps that not only use a much better screen layout, but also add a few other useful features. Let’s get started.

The Best Twitter Apps for Windows for Twitteratis

1. Fenice for Twitter

The first app on the list is the feature-rich Twitter app for Windows. Fenice’s layout is not so intuitive but it shows feeds, notifications, messages in different timelines using columns and better use of screen layout. This layout makes navigation easy and quick.

I recommend Fenice because additional features like offline tweeting, interactive notifications, powerful filters to mute hashtags, users, etc.


  • The ability to tweet while you are offline, the app automatically posts on your tween when you’re back online.
  • Interactive notifications to reply without opening the app.
  • Better use of on-screen layout.
  • Predictive hashtag hints.
  • No need to refresh to check for new tweets.
  • It is possible to resume browsing from where you left off in the previous session.
  • Top level design customization options.


  • Not the cleanest looking UI.
  • Cost about $2.29.

Download Fenice for Twitter ($2.29)

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2. Tweeten

Tweeten is one of the best free twitter apps for Windows. It has an interesting design scheme that uses the same desktop layout as Fenice. With features like ability to schedule tweets, link shortening, advanced filters to mute hashtags and users, spell checking, etc natively inside the app make it easy to sell. Most of these features are usually only available on paid apps.


  • A design that makes efficient use of on-screen layout.
  • Additional useful features like the ability to schedule tweets, shorten links, filters, spell check, etc.
  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • Video and GIF download option.


  • Profiles and profiles cannot be edited natively inside the app. It will redirect to the official twitter website.
  • Can see followers and follower count, but cannot look at the list of followers.
  • there is no option to disable autoplay in the app.

Download Tweeten (Free)

3. Tweetium

Tweetium definitely has the best design plan for Twitter. Both previous apps just changed the layout to provide multiple timelines at once. But Tweetium offers a different layout showing tweets horizontally. This shows every image in full resolutionso you don’t have to open each tweet to see it clearly.


  • Best layout compared to any other Twitter app.
  • The trial version works fully for 7 days before paying the premium.
  • Multiple function windows.


  • There are no extras like Fenice, even though it’s a paid app.

Download Tweetium ($2.99, 7-day free trial)

4. Tweetz

Tweetz is the FOLLOW app if you want to stay active on Twitter all the time. Although it lacks a few features, it can be a useful side application. Tweetz is just one small window that stays on top of your screen regardless of the app you are using. It shows you feeds, notifications, direct messages, likes which are more than enough for a sub-app. Think of it as a code for twitter.


  • Ability to change font size and dark mode. Since it is always on top of every app, this will be very helpful.
  • Any twitter app can be assigned to it so that when you click on any tweet or profile it will open that app for better viewing.


  • GIFs, Emojis, etc are not supported
  • There are some issues with the touchpad gestures, the lag is a lot while scrolling is faster.

Download Tweetz (Free)

5. TweetDeck

The TweetDeck layout is similar to Fenice and Tweeten. It was a standalone app when it started but was later acquired by Twitter. It shows you multiple timelines for feeds, notifications, discoveries, messages, etc and it is one of those most used Twitter clients on Windows and Mac.


  • Quick update for new features.


  • It only has a web version, but there is a third-party app called TweetDeckr that allows you to use TweetDeck by installing an app.

Open TweetDeck (Free)

6. Crows

Raven made a few small changes to the official Twitter app. For example, you get some better things like fast action, post tweets etc. Tweeting with the official twitter app will block the whole app, but Raven makes a way to post the tweet and browse simultaneously. It also has a better way to save drafts.

Also you have some extra features like automatically unfollow people who are not following you, multiple windows support, in-app browser, etc.


  • How to tweet without interruption.
  • Fast action and operation.
  • Easily access drafts with one click while tweeting.


  • You are stuck with the default website layout and there is no way to change it.

Download Raven for Twitter (Free)

7. Hootsuite

Okay, not a Twitter client but more. It can be used as a planner, to store drafts posts for Twitterand to manage other social media platforms. You can view your tweets, profile, and announcements right in the app. You can also Like, Retweet and Reply from the Hootsuite app itself.


  • Being able to publish posts on multiple social media platforms at the same time is the main feature of this app.
  • Supports all major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and even YouTube.


  • Only 3 accounts can be added in the free version.
  • Unable to see replies to tweets.

Hootsuite Visit (Free up to 3 accounts)

Best Twitter Apps for Windows

While the official Twitter app is always updating to get better, it still lags behind on some things like notifications, message scheduling, and using the on-screen layout. But since we have these alternatives, you can get the Twitter app with all the features you like. Tweetium is something that I like and personally use. So, what is your favorite Twitter app for Windows? Let me know in the comments below.

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