Thursday, August 18, 2022

Beware of sharks when going to sea

As summer approaches, Americans have turned to the east coast, but scientists have warned that the Great White Sharks have moved along with their citizens.

Every summer, the Great Whites leave their winter homes in Florida and other southern states to camp on the shores of the Cape Cod Peninsula in Massachusetts, and their numbers increase dramatically in July.

State aquatic life expert Greg Schumal has warned seafarers to be extremely vigilant when swimming in the sea, where the coastline suddenly deepens. Schumel said sharks should They will come close to the shore.

According to scientists, since 2009, researchers have tagged more than 280 Great White Sharks of Cape Cod, of which about 230 techs are still active and sending data on shark movements.

“People’s attitudes have changed since 2018 when they saw two shark attacks in the area,” Skomal said. One of the attacks turned out to be a killer.



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