Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Big increase in commodity prices at utility stores

Pulses prices have skyrocketed just a day after many items became more expensive at utility stores.

According to the new prices, the price of Dal Chana has been increased by Rs 28 per kg, after which the price of Dal Chana has increased from Rs 162 to Rs 190 per kg. The price of white gram increased from Rs. 213 to Rs. 300 per kg after an increase of Rs. 87 per kg, while the price of dal lentil increased from Rs.

It is to be noted that the prices of various brands of spices, toothpaste, dash wash, matches and other items at the utility stores were sharply increased yesterday and a notification of new prices was also issued.

It may be recalled that this week Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had directed to provide five basic food items at low prices at utility stores to provide relief to the people.



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