Black hole orbiting freely in the Milky Way galaxy

Black hole orbiting freely in the Milky Way

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have discovered a free-roaming black hole in our Milky Way galaxy.

It is thought that when large stars are destroyed, they turn into black holes or other objects depending on their size, energy and material expenditure. That is why, theoretically, there should be many black holes in our galaxy.

But scientists have had difficulty finding them. These scattered black holes could be visually invisible to our eyes anyway. Researchers now believe that they have identified a free-roaming black hole traveling in our galaxy at a speed of 100,000 miles per hour. Is.

Scientists have identified it using gravitational microlensing. This process is also called gravitational lensing, in which the rays of light coming from the background can be bent due to a heavier body, such as a black hole, and thus we get an idea of ​​the larger body we see.

This object is thousands of light years away, despite being in our galaxy.

According to one group of scientists, this black hole weighs 1.6 to 4.4 times more than the Sun, while another group claims that it weighs 7.1 times more than the Sun.

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