Boating And Jeep Race Competitions Held In Skardu, Large Number Of Tourists And Locals Participate

Boating and jeep race competitions held in Skardu large number

In Skardu, beautiful competitions of rowing and jeep races were organized. Expert drivers of mountain routes raced old and new four-by-four vehicles in the icy desert while expert sailors of the river raced indigenous boats in the blue icy waters of the Indus. And a large number of locals were excluded from this unique competition.

Wrapped in a white sheet of snow, Skardu is home to a unique and charming winter sports center, now decorated after ice hockey competitions. Competition between old and new four-by-four jeeps and boats made of animal skins raced in the Indus River by expert sailors.

In the icy desert along the Indus River, a 15 km long track was prepared on the cold desert billowing dunes to compete with the old and new four-by-four vehicles. Run new old four by four cars.

From expert sailors to boats in the blue icy waters of the Indus River from Sandus village to Kordo bridge. This was greatly appreciated by the locals and tourists and the participants of the competition were heartily applauded.

The Indus of Road Race was organized by the district administration.

At the end of the race, civil and military officials distributed certificates to the drivers who got positions in the competition. Commissioner Baltistan Division Shuja Alam while talking to media said that the purpose of this unique event is to promote winter tourism at national level next year. This event will be held.

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