Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bodies of 4 more people recovered from Sukkur Barrage

The series of dead bodies found in Sukkurbiraj could not stop, after the heavy rains across the country, the dead bodies of 4 more people were recovered during the last 24 hours, the number of dead bodies found in 4 days has reached 19.

According to DIG Javed Jaskani, 24 dead bodies have been removed from the Sukkur Barrage in the last 13 days. He said that 20 dead bodies recovered from the barrage have been buried while most of the dead bodies found were unidentifiable.

DIG Javed Jaskani also says that 3 of the bodies found were of Hindu women.

On the other hand, 4 more youths drowned while bathing in the sea near Turtle Beach at Hawke’s Bay in Karachi.



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