Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bushra Bibi and Arsalan Khalid’s request for investigation into audio leak declared admissible

The Islamabad High Court reserved its decision on the request of Bushra Bibi and Arsalan Khalid to investigate the audio leak.

Acting Chief Justice Amir Farooq heard the request of citizen Muhammad Arshad. Justice Amir Farooq expressed anger at the petitioner’s lawyer and said that an audio has been leaked, do you want us to investigate?

He remarked that the work of the Islamabad High Court is that of an investigation. How should the court issue a writ on the conversation of two private people? Did those affected by the audio apply on a forum? When drafting such a writ, think carefully about what the demands are.

The lawyer said that it was an entire ocean that was written in the application. Justice Amir Farooq said whether it is the ocean or the galaxy, we are not interested in it. The whole of Pakistan will come into it. Shall we continue to sit and investigate?

The court reserved the decision when the petition was admissible.



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