Cake attack on rare Mona Lisa painting

Cake attack on rare Mona Lisa painting

A man dressed as an old woman attacked Nordo Da Vinci’s Afaq painting ‘Mona Lisa’ with a cake.

A man in a woman’s dress throws a cake from a distance at a rare painting on display at the Lorraine Museum in Paris, France.

The man throwing the cake on the Mona Lisa painting was disguised as an old woman and he participated in the exhibition in a wheelchair. After the cake was thrown at the painting, the museum staff immediately pulled the man out and took him into custody in a wheelchair.

A video that went viral on social media shows a museum staff member cleaning a cake with a painting of the Mona Lisa.

Memes were also made on social media after a cake was thrown at a rare painting, while security was tightened at the museum. The painting was completed in 1516 by the famous Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci, and is considered one of the rarest paintings in the world.

Leonardo da Vinci also has a few other rare paintings that have sold for tens of millions of dollars.

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