Chat with Mathira before Aamir Liaqat’s death went viral

Chat with Mathira before Aamir Liaqats death went viral

The chat with the host Mathira before the death of National Assembly member Amir Liaqat is going viral.

Mathira has shared the conversation with Aamir Liaquat on social media.

In the conversation with Mathira, Aamir Liaquat is asking to meet him in which he said that he would like to meet separately so that someone can hear me and then maybe explain to the idiots who can never understand me. Said ‘Sir! You are not worried, my team and I understand all this very well to which Amir Liaqat reacted and said we will meet soon.

“The news of Amir Liaquat’s death is horrible and tragic. I was talking to him for an interview and he was saddened by the critics,” Mathira wrote in a caption to his story.

“Amir Liaquat talked to me about the interview because people made fun of Amir Liaquat Hussain when he needed everyone’s help. His ex-wife leaked his nasty videos and it was difficult,” he said. No one stood with Aamir Liaquat in time but everyone made fun of him, they make mistakes because we are human beings but don’t put anyone to death like this.

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