Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a full court bench on the issue of Chief Minister Punjab: Demand of the ruling coalition

The ruling alliance consisting of Muslim League-N, People’s Party and JUIF among other parties has expressed serious concerns over the allegations and criticism of Imran Khan and has demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into the petitions filed regarding the election of the Chief Minister of Punjab. A full court bench should be constituted.

In the joint unanimous declaration issued by the ruling coalition, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has been demanded to hear the case related to the election of the Chief Minister of Punjab by a full court bench, the review petition of the Supreme Court bar, the present petition and other related petitions together. should be appointed for as these are very important national, political and constitutional matters.

In the statement, it is said that Imran Khan is repeatedly creating chaos in politics, the purpose of Imran Khan’s chaos is to avoid accountability, hide his corruption and gain power through the back door.

The declaration of the ruling coalition said that the constitution had drawn a clear line of authority in the legislature, judiciary and administration, a figure of arrogant anti-constitutional fascism trying to erase the line of authority.

It is also said in the declaration that Imran Khan wants to bankrupt the constitution of Pakistan, the right of the people to rule and the democratic system as well as the economy. Vashgaf reiterates this commitment that there will be no compromise on the constitution, democracy and people’s right to rule.

In the joint declaration, it is said that in every forum and every field, all the coalition parties will move forward together and fight against the dark darkness of fascism.



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