Thursday, August 18, 2022

China’s Great Achievement; Second space station module ‘Vention’ launched

China launched the second module for its permanent space station, which was needed to complete its space mission by the end of the year.

According to the news of the foreign news agency “Reuters”, the state broadcasting agency CCTV launched the 23-ton laboratory module called Vientiane (Exploration of the Next Worlds) at 2:22 pm local time from the Wenchang space on the southern island of Hainan. China’s most powerful rocket Long March 5B launched live from the launch center.

This is an important milestone in China’s lofty ambitions of manning space and exploring various subjects.

The space agency’s crew watched the launch from the control room on a live feed, and the crew erupted in cheers when the Vientiane separated from the rocket about 10 minutes after launch.

CCTV reported shortly after the launch that the launch was a complete success.

China began construction of the space station with the Tianhe module in April 2021.

The Vientiane Lab Module, 17.9 meters (59 ft) tall, will be where astronauts can conduct scientific experiments while a second Lab Module, named Mengtian (Dream of Next Worlds), is also scheduled to be launched.

An airlock cabin is located in the vantage point, which will be the main exit entry point for unmanned activities when the space station is completed.

It will also serve as short-term housing for astronauts during the crew’s presence on the station, the station is designed for long-term housing of only 3 astronauts.

The completion of the fifth part of the International Space Station (ISS) is a source of pride for the Chinese people.

The space station is home to Shenzo 14 mission commander Chen Dong, along with two of his team members, who will return to Earth in December with the arrival of the Shenzo 15 crew.



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