Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya

Concerned neo hippies and their global warming ill tell ya

Google’s new machine learning tool can help you with job interviews that ask real-time regular interview questions.

The answers you give and thus your weaknesses come to the fore during the preparation of the interview.

In this regard, Google has also posted an introductory video in which Google can watch ‘Interview Warm Up’. This tool asks you questions in terms of the chosen field and behind it is machine learning and artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).

The machine questioner in front of you asks different questions in English which you answer. “Interviewing is a difficult process for newcomers,” Google said in a statement. That’s why we’ve developed an interview warm-up after a lot of research. It also includes real-time questions from experts in specific fields that they frequently ask. This can help you a lot in preparing for the interview.

It currently only offers job interviews related to the Google Career Certificate program, including data specialist, eCommerce, IT support, project manager, UX design, and other general fields.

Interestingly, this website writes in real time everything you say and thus gives you an idea of ​​where you have responded. Then the software itself reviews and points out your flaws, such as which industrial term you did not use or how much time you spent in a response.

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