Friday, August 19, 2022

Corruption of less than Rs 50 crore is beyond the jurisdiction of NAB

The federal cabinet also passed the NAB Third Amendment Bill 2022. NAB will not be able to investigate corruption cases of less than Rs 500 million. The president’s authority over the appointment of judges of the accountability court has also been revoked.

According to the draft bill amending the NAB Ordinance, the tenure of the Prosecutor General NAB can be extended for 3 years. Section 16 of the NAB Act has also been amended. Any accused can be tried in the accountability court of the area where the crime was committed.

Section 19E has also been amended, NAB’s authority to allow surveillance has been withdrawn with the help of the High Court, no government agency can be sought for investigation against the accused, the accused is against it. The charges will be communicated so that they can defend themselves in court.

The power to appoint judges of accountability courts will remain with the federal government. Section 31B has also been amended. Chairman NAB will be able to propose to remove the reference filed in the accountability court before indictment.



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