Cuevana3: All Cuevana Movies & Series Dubbed With Subtitle


The Cuevana website is another well-known free online movie site. With an intuitive user interface, it is an option that many users use for being simple. Its contents are broader than those existing in SeriesPapaya, not limited to just series and premieres, but also in different qualities, streaming movies using the BitTorrent protocol, among other resources.

Despite its great fame and high ranking, even on Alexa and other site ranking sites, by not having copyright to most of its films, they make the platform a site with illegal content, therefore it does not we recommend. Cuevana has had changes over the years, the most radical of which have been the expansion of domains, to dilute the number of blocks, without implying a change in their condition.

About Cuevana3

The news of the fall of the Cuevana3 website surprised several users of social networks, who began to fill with memes expressing their astonishment.

Cuevana3 was a site of movies and series distributed illegally, in its repertoire it had content from Disney Plus, Netflix, and other streaming platforms.

The pirated site had a huge number of users, and this is not the first time it has suffered a crash, it would not be a surprise if it reappears with another domain or another name.

Cuevana Sites

Some of these alternate Cuevana sites are listed here:

cuevana3 io: Due to the blocking of the original Cuevana site, this site emerged as a replacement for Cuevana. However, the contents of the site are not totally concentrated in this domain.

cuevana2 li: This is another alternate Cuevana domain, which contains practically the same design as the other platforms, in addition to being version two of the site.

cuevana2 io: Also part of version two of Cuevana, but a different condominium, compatible with the same clients and external servers as the original site.

cuevana se: This is the only domain that still retains the original Cuevana name, it has movies and Videos of various genres and is also suitable for various types of audience.

cuevana2espanol com: Cuevana’s Spanish site, resources for movies subtitled in Spanish and also dubbed in Spanish and Latin.

www cuevana3 wtf: Cuevana’s new site version three, which contains some of the existing resources on other sites, without losing sight of the fact that its design is similar to the original.

cuevana3 com: This is not a Cuevana site, but rather belongs to a download site for various platforms and various genres, software and applications for Android and other operating systems, including the Cuevana apk.

Although there are several versions of Cuevana, technically the reality is that there is a single website, which has been forked into different domain names, with the same functionality.

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Cuevana 3 | How to download movies from Cuevana? with subtitles and everything

In recent years, different pages have been developed with a Streaming service that allow you to watch movies and series online and without having to download them.

These have an adaptable interface for the public who love this entertainment. Its players allow the visualization of the chapters of the series or the movies to be reproduced in a fast and fluid way.

This depends of course on the capacity and speed of both your computer and your local internet provider.

But this time we will not talk about a web page, but about an application available for both mobile devices and computers. This is called Cuevana 3. One of the best free tools to spend a pleasant time with our family, partner or friends.

But how to download and use this application in the best way? What should I keep in mind? We will answer these and other questions around this short article that will make you an expert when using this application.

About Cuevana 3

Now you can spend free time with your family and in our homes, so your perfect plan for these moments is enjoying your best favorite genres of cinema.

These websites are totally free and have at your disposal more than 4,000 published movies that you can always enjoy from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, it is not necessary if you want to see them online or if you want to download them, in these pages you have the solution of See online or download without any program involved.

We recommend that you verify the best internet connection, so that you can enjoy each screen in much better resolutions, in case you want to download them, the servers they have are always fast. The advantage of these sites is that when downloading or watching the movie they have several options to choose from.

History of Cuevana

The Cuevana website is a platform of Argentine origin where you can watch film and television productions by streaming, which in 2011 reached the top 20 of the most visited sites in the country with more than half a million visitors per day.

It launched on October 1, 2009 and initially had objective to give users access to movies or series that are projected in the cinema or other platforms streaming like Netflix, Prime or HBO. According to the MDZ portal, this website does not host any video, but rather uses servers, through which external links are inserted that redirect to the content that you want to see. As of November of last year, it had 3,896 content available. In addition, it remains one of the most used pages to view audiovisual content and works entirely from Argentina.

In December 2011, the platform launched an exclusive film for the first time, which did not go through any movie theater, and was released directly on the website. It was the feature film Stephanie, which was directed by Argentine-born filmmaker Maximiliano Gerscovich.

Among the complaints that the page has received, the alert from several users about the theft of data on the internet stands out, which is due to the fact that the Cuevana plug-in, which was a necessary complement to view the videos, had a malicious code that stole information to users. According to the platform, the plugin has already been updated to a more secure version.

Similarly, HBO Latin America began a criminal process against the platform and against one of its founders, Tomás Escobar, for allegedly violating a law of that country on intellectual property. The same law that the Argentine Union of Videoeditors accepted at the time.

Furthermore, in 2014, German users of Cuevana Storm, the platform’s application, were sued for damages with 815 euros from a law firm.

However, the page affirms that the contents they offer “have been exclusively extracted from public Internet sites” and their contents have a disclaimer with which they save their responsibility.

How to use Cuevana 3?

To use the platform, users have the options of downloading the application on the computer or opening it from a browser.

If the option you choose is the first one, you must enter the official Cuevana site and click on the “ Download Now ” option. It is recommended to download the Beta version for Windows, as it has the latest updates that the developers incorporated into their program.

After this, the installer will transfer the files to the computer, with which the platform can be opened from the desktop.

The application interface is simple, as it has a search bar to find the content you are looking for. In the same way, the MDZ portal emphasizes that it does not depend on the speed of the internet to enjoy the content.

However, if the option you want to use is from a browser, Firefox and Chrome are recommended. You have to download a plug-in that will allow you to see all the content, in order to configure the language and subtitles options, along with the servers.

How to download movies from Cuevana 3? with subtitles and everything

We all know Cuevana, a popular site that offers us watching movies for free. Most of them (if not all) are in excellent quality. Here I will show you a small guide on how to download Cuevana movies, very easy.

To begin, we have to access Cuevana3 io and look for the movie we want to download (it has to be indexed) in order to access the download. For example, I decided to download the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman”. As a first step we must point somewhere the ID that is shown in the address bar, as shown in the following image.

Then, we will have to select the service through which we want to “load” the movie and the format we want. Sometimes this is not necessary to change, many times it is also only available in HD version, or in standard version. It’s your choice.

After selecting the audio, the definition and the server, we will have to click on the blue button and it will send us to a new page. Before we have to place the captcha code in the normal way… and then it will show us something like this.

There we will have to see in the address bar something like what is enclosed in the box. The rest (after the question mark) we can delete it and press accept. It will load the page of the selected file hosting (it may change depending on which one you have chosen)

We proceed to download. Remember that depending on the file hosting you will only be able to make a few downloads every certain time.

Now, to download Cuevana subtitles  we will have to access the ID previously saved, in my case it is “4658”. To download the subtitles we will only have to access these URLS, depending on whether you chose standard definition or HD:

The subtitles will automatically start downloading, they don’t weigh much, so they download in seconds.

We must remember that most of the movies in Cuevana are in English, if it is in Spanish you can download it directly and save yourself from downloading the subtitles.

Now, to see the films, it is worth mentioning that so that we can see the films in English with their subtitles, both files must be in the same folder and have the same name, for example: my film will be called: Snow White.mp4, so I will have to rename the subtitles as follows: Snow White srt.

How to download free movies?

  • Step 1: search for the movie you want.
  • Step 2: Choose the resolution option.
  • Step 3: Click on download this option.

Where to download movies fast?

In this post we are recommending the fastest options that we have achieved throughout the internet, our option 1 will always be: PELISPEDIA UNO, our plan 2 to choose is: CUEVANA3 io

What genres of movies can I DOWNLOAD?

We always recommend the following genres such as: Action, Animation, Horror, suspense or Disney plus movies.

Many skeptics do not like this tool because as it is an application, it must be downloaded and installed, which, they think, will take a lot of time and even resources.


In reality, it is the opposite, since although it must be downloaded and installed, this process does not take more than 10 minutes to run; depending on the resources of the internet and the computer obviously.

  • Once the installation process has finished, you will have the application on your computer, and you will be able to access it without having to enter your browser, you will have the convenience of a shortcut on the desktop for easy access.
  • Once you have opened the program, you will see that it is an application with a very designed interface which is extremely easy and simple to use. This same one has a Search Bar, which allows you to enter the movie or series you want to see, this search engine is one of the strengths of the application because it is very intuitive in terms of the search, which improves the experience when using it.
  • Also in its interface it contains a sidebar which has different sections that will help you find the content you want to see. It presents a section with the most outstanding and popular films, chosen by a great team of moviegoers. This in case you do not find what to see in your spare time, these sections will be very helpful, and if you want to expand your range of categories when watching movies, for example, see a category that you have never seen, so you can enjoy this art more.
  • In case you have entered the name of the movie or series you want to see in the search bar, it will lead you directly to what you were looking for. In case it is a series, it will show you all the available seasons so that you can choose the season and consecutively the episode you want to see. You must access them by clicking on the image of the film or series.

Alternatives to Cuevana

In case, if you want to download movies other than cuevana, you can take a look at various options. Let’s take a look at some options. Hope they are helpful for all the seekers.


Piracy is that crime which is against the rules of the government at all times. This article is for educational purposes and gives the message to stop watching pirated contents. So, people should stop watching pirated content.

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