Dangerous increase in corona virus cases

Dangerous increase in corona virus cases

According to the Sindh Health Department, the positive case rate in Karachi has reached 21.23%.

According to the data released by the Sindh Health Department, 650 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours in which 148 positive results were received.

It may be recalled that the rate of positive cases in the province was 15.44%.

On the other hand, after two and a half months, when the Corona virus resurfaced, the government intensified the testing process, with 268 cases reported in the last 24 hours across the country.

According to data released by the National Institutes of Health, 12,513 tests were performed in the last 24 hours, of which 2.14% tested positive.

The condition of 75 patients infected with the corona virus is critical, the NIH said.

In addition, the government has taken steps to address the growing epidemic, with the country’s federal and provincial leadership meeting at the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) to assess the situation.

The forum has decided to intensify the vaccination campaign of citizens, which is an important weapon in defense against corona virus.

In addition, corona virus tests have been reduced on a daily basis in recent months, which will be increased once again, to assess the number of people infected with the virus across the country.

A meeting of NCOC was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Health Abdul Qadir Patel in which Ministry of Home Affairs, National Disaster Management Authority, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and local administration participated while provincial representatives participated through video link.

National Coordinator Major Amir Ikram reviewed the current situation in Corona and vaccination.

The forum was informed that 85% of the population is fully vaccinated while 93% have received a single dose of the vaccine and 100% of the people aged 12 years and above in Sindh have been vaccinated.

Booster shots should be installed on priority basis in all provinces and regions to prevent and prevent the spread of Corona virus as directed by the provincial minister.

He said that if the current situation is taken into consideration then the rate of positive cases of Corona virus in the country is 2% which is due to the health care system and stakeholders but still we need to be vigilant in view of the current situation.

He said that in view of the global situation of Corona virus, the Central Health Establishment (CHE) should monitor the health of passengers at all inland locations and it would be strengthened to enhance the functioning of CHE.

The CHC reviews health progress outside the country and directs steps to be taken to curb the spread of the disease. The meeting decided that non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPIs) and other measures would be taken to curb the spread of Corona virus.

The Minister emphasized the importance of social distance, wearing masks and taking precautionary measures especially in crowded places.

He also stressed on the need to strictly follow the instructions in the markets on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

According to the data released by the NCOC, the rate of positive cases in Karachi is 15.44%, while more than 2% cases have been reported in Muzaffarabad, Quetta, Islamabad, Mardan, Nowshera and Lahore.

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