Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dangerous snails cause a two-year quarantine in the city

A two-year quarantine has been imposed in Port Richie, Florida, for dangerous African snails.

Citizens were quarantined for two years to prevent the spread of the disease from snails the size of rats in an American city.

Quarantine for snails will be different from quarantine for corona. In quarantine, citizens will be prohibited from approaching soil, plants, garbage, debris and construction materials outside the area.

According to a foreign news agency, these snails contain a worm that affects the lungs. These snails can grow up to 8 inches long. Eating snails or coming in contact with them in any way can cause meningitis in humans.

According to the Department of Agriculture, this type of snail is harmful to humans as well as the environment and is the food of more than 500 species of plants. In addition, these snails do not leave the walls of buildings and eat concrete. ۔

According to the US Department of Agriculture, ground snails were first found in South Florida in 1960 and it cost about سال 1 million over a period of about 10 years to get rid of them.

These snails breed very fast, laying about 1,200 eggs a year.



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