Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Debit card hacking gang out of control in Lahore

In Lahore, a group is active in hacking debit cards through ATM machine and withdrawing money from the account. No arrests have been made by FIA and police officials so far.

Within a month, the group has hacked the cards of more than ten citizens, including women, through various ATM machines across the city and looted millions of rupees.

According to a Sham Nagar resident, he inserted his debit card into the ATM machine of a private bank in Civil Lines area to withdraw money but the machine captured the card after entering the password after much effort when the card did not come out. So some people standing outside the machine told the victim that his card has been captured by the machine so he should give them a chance to make a transaction. Meanwhile he goes to the bank complaining online but a few hours later his account Three and a half lakh rupees are withdrawn online through three different transactions. He contacts the bank the next day to get his card, then the bank manager finds out that his card has been found in the machine.

Similarly, a similar incident took place with a sales girl in Moon Market area of ​​Allama Iqbal Town in which Rs. 30,000 was withdrawn from her account.

He tried to withdraw his salary using a private bank’s ATM machine. Captured which after a long wait the girl left and lodged a complaint on the helpline on which the girl’s representative asked you to contact the branch in the morning and get your card by looking at the original identity card.

When the victim girl reached the bank branch the next day, she was told that there was no debit card in her name in the machine the other day and at the same time a message came from her account to withdraw Rs 30,000.

The third incident of hacking a debit card through an ATM machine and withdrawing money happened with Advocate Raja Shoaib in which thousands of rupees were withdrawn from a person’s account and his card was not found.

A case of card theft has been registered in Civil Lines police station by the victim while search for the accused is also underway with the help of CCTV footage.

Citizens affected by online fraud have also submitted petitions to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Lahore Wing, on which the authorities have launched an investigation.

According to FIA officials, a committee has been formed to investigate such cases which will ensure the arrest of the accused while investigating all the cases.



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