Decision to close bazaar in Punjab at 9 o’clock

Decision to close bazaar in Punjab at 9 oclock

After Sindh, now the Punjab government has also decided to close the bazaar at 9 o’clock which will be announced soon.

After Karachi, it has been decided to implement power saving plan in Punjab also. Consultations with business associations and chambers have been completed in this regard in which the business community has also assured its support to the government.

According to sources, it has been decided to implement the energy saving plan from next week. Markets across the province will be opened soon and will be closed at 9 pm. Consideration is being given to close restaurants and hotels soon. Pharmacies, bakeries and petrol pumps will get exemption. In the first phase, the ban will be for two months, with further decisions to be made after July and August.

Sources said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Federation has expressed readiness to support the government. President Lahore Chamber of Commerce Noman Kabir has said that he is with the government on decisions of national interest. Implementation of savings plan will save electricity and petrol. Is.

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