[Detailed Review] Best Android Apps For Writers and Teachers

In our previous article, we covered some of the best writing software for novelists. You may be traveling or attending an important meeting. Unlike what most people think, writing on Android is not difficult. In fact, it can save you a lot of time, thanks to predictive text and autocorrect. However, to take advantage of all of this, you need the best writing app.

You may be looking for how to write notes or some creative writing, you will find the best Android writing app here.

#1 Writer – The simplest writing app for Android

Writer Probably the best minimal writing app for Android. It allows you to write almost anything on your device, thanks to its non-distracting user interface. Even if you want to write an imaginative work, Writer will be a great choice. That said, Writer shows you the number of words and characters in your article. Furthermore, the app can also show you the estimated reading time.

Markup support is something else I love in Writer. Even if you need to take notes, Writer won’t let you down. Using traditional markup, you can add headings, italic text, bold text, etc. to an article. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty cool, you know. As the developers said, the app has been kept as simple as possible.

Pros: Simple at the end, Markdown Support

Cons: Lacks sharing and organization support

Verdict: Writer for Android is the best minimal writing can give you. It will be the perfect choice when you need more control over writing. Once you start writing, nothing distracts you – no toolbars, icons or anything. Once done, simply copy and paste the content. Even with this minimalism, they included markup support. Overall, Writer is the best choice for those who love minimalism.

#2 Writer Plus – Upgrade from Writer

Would you want Writer if it had better features? Then you will fall in love Writer Plus sure. It is packed with a lot of features, including but not limited to markup support. If you want to write something more detailed, you can count on this. According to the developers, Writer Plus has been optimized for writing poetry and novels.

Better organization is the first thing you might notice with Writer Plus. It allows you to organize your documents in different folders. Just like the basic version, Writer Plus shows you detailed information about word count and readable time. It also comes with a really immersive user interface, especially while reading content. There’s not much room to customize the design.

Moreover, Writer Plus allows you to share what you have written as text, text files, markup files, image files or even HTML. As expected, it also doesn’t consume a lot of system resources. Writer Plus not only supports Bluetooth keyboards, but also offers some cool keyboard shortcuts. Writer Plus has included the proper documentation for the features and you can download them from the home screen.

Pros: Better organization, Markdown support

Cons: Lacks formatting

Verdict: Writer Plus may not be the biggest upgrade from Writer for Android. You do get access to better organization, sharing options, and keyboard support, though. Writer Plus is completely free and the developers provide full support.

#3 Monospace – Minimal writing with better control

Monospace is a real step up from Writer. Just like the previous section, it provides a clean interface for writing various things. However, you have more control over this process. Customization is one of my favorite things about the app because you can change almost anything. For example, you can change the text size, title color, and use the document in Read-Only Mode.

The problem with Monospace is that your articles look better thanks to the black background. Unlike the previous section, Monospace allows you to format text by selecting an area. You can add bold and italic text and it even allows you to insert quotes. The app also has quick shortcuts to Copy and Paste.

Compared to other writing applications, Monospace uses an innovative method of organization. You can simply add a hashtag and all documents will be stored in one folder. Even in the basic version, Monospace allows you to choose fonts according to your needs. Once done, you can export your document as a Markdown document or as plain text.

Pros: Simple, Format Support, Easy Control

Cons: Some are Pro only

Verdict: As we said earlier, Monospace is a real upgrade from Writer. You get some innovative feature sets like native formatting and better control. There is also a Pro version that offers cross-device synchronization and customizable fonts. We also love the hashtag-based organization of your posts. So if you’re looking for a viable upgrade, use Monospace.

#4 JotterPad – Versatile Writing App for Android

JotterPad has been designed to assist you in the writing process, rather than providing a gap. Of course, it comes with a minimal interface for you to write. But compared to any other app, JotterPad organizes your files flexibly. It has one of the most customizable designs we have ever seen.

We should also talk about Creative Upgrade, which has more features like Dark Theme and Typewriter. Both of these are useful when you need more control. We also love the feature called References. You can enter a word and it will show you the meaning in the app itself. Coming to more features, JotterPad allows you to conveniently select file types from Text, Markup, and Fountain.

It is clear that JotterPad has been designed for creative writers. But, as a non-creative writer, I still find it really useful. Another feature, still available in the free version, is named Extended Keyboard. If enabled, it allows you to insert formatting commands with a single click. In addition to the basic version, JotterPad has three add-ons – Creative, Pro, and Cloud+.

Pros: Versatile, Fully Customizable

Cons: Some are Pro only, PDF Export with watermark

Verdict: JotterPad is truly your assistant when it comes to creative content writing. It checks all the basic requirements that you might have. In addition, there are many features such as an extended keyboard and various export methods. You can print documents directly or export to DOC, HTML and TXT.

#5 iA Writer – Best letter writing app for Android

iA Writer is an app written for Android where usability meets advanced features. At first glance, iA Writer allows you to write and store documents in your device. However, as we dive into the program, you can get more features and control. For example, the writing interface is quite intuitive. You have all the controls in the bottom section.

You can insert titles and other formatting options with a single tap. There are also options for Undo, Redo, and in-text navigation. These are quite useful when you want to edit things. Coming to file export, iA Writer allows you to save files as plain text, HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word. There are several different modes you can try – Night mode, Focus mode, iA Writer also shows word count.

But iA Writer’s real job is in the sync department. You can directly save your document to the cloud via Dropbox. You only have to set up an account once. You can also organize your documents in an easily accessible way. Despite having all these features, and, unlike JotterPad, it is not limited in features.

Pros: Simple UI, Advanced Options, Standard Customization

Cons: Nothing remarkable

Verdict: As the developers say, iA Writer is a writer-focused app. It keeps away from distractions by providing a simple user interface. Even then, you don’t have to compromise any features. On the other hand, iA Writer packs a lot of features for customization and easy control over formatting.

#6 Google Docs – Best writing app with powerful features

Although Google Keep is my go-to notepad app; But when it comes to writing large documents on my Android, I like Google Docs (previously known as Google Drive). The best thing about Google Docs is that it automatically saves everything you type to the cloud. Plus, you can edit your documents on all your devices, including computers and iOS devices. The only downside is, you’ll need an active internet connection to edit your older documents on Google Docs.

Google Docs is more than just a simple writing app, instead it has some really powerful options that none of the apps mentioned above have. For example, Google Docs support real-time collaboration, which means you and your friend can work on the same document from different devices. It also has a hidden OCR option in, so if you have a document that you want to digitize, you can do that with Google Docs.

Pros: Automatic backups, Cross-platform.

Cons: Doesn’t have the best UI for writing, requires an active internet connection to fully use the app

Conclusion: While Google Docs isn’t the prettiest writing app on Android, it certainly has more features than other writing apps.

Best writing apps for Android

This is your best choice when you need a writing app for Android. If you want something really simple, it’s better to use Writer or Writer Plus. That said, there are times when you need control: Monospace should serve you at that point. JotterPad, on the other hand, is for full-fledged creative writers, but you should be willing to pay. And, at any time, you can use our top recommendation – iA Writer, which packs a lot of features without spending a dime.

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