Diarrhea cases out of control in Hyderabad

Diarrhea cases out of control in Hyderabad

Cases of diarrhea have increased in Hyderabad and other districts of Sindh since the heat wave intensified.

According to health department sources, more than 1900 cases were reported in 9 districts of Hyderabad division in just 24 hours.

The health department said that in the cases reported from Hyderabad, the number of children under 5 years is more than 800 and the number of people over 5 years is more than 1100.

According to the report, the highest number of diarrhea cases in the division is more than 509 in Hyderabad while Tando Muhammad Khan, Thatta and Dadu are second, third and fourth respectively.

The health department has instructed the citizens to drink boiled water and not to eat market food.

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