Did you know that smoking is also dangerous for the eyes?

Did you know that smoking is also dangerous for the

Millions of people around the world smoke or use vaping products and as a result a large number of them face various health problems.

An estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide smoke, and in the last few years, smoking has declined, while vaping has increased.

Studies have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking, but some experts warn that these substances can damage the brain.

Advertising these items attracts children and endangers their health.

Most people are aware that these tobacco products are dangerous to our health, as they cause problems for our lungs or throat. But one expert warns that these items can also have dangerous effects on our eyes.

Contact lens optician Sujata Paul says that many people do not think that these items can have a negative effect on our vision.

“Smoking can add serious problems to your eyes and these problems can include permanent loss of vision, cataracts and cataracts,” said Sujata.

He added that from a short-term perspective, smoking can also cause dry eye syndrome, which can cause itching and discomfort in the eyes.

Ophthalmologists say that while smoking is dangerous, vaping can also cause oxidative stress in the eyes. Oxidative stress occurs when your oxygen levels become uneven.

“Like any place in the body, extra stress can have a negative effect on our health,” he added.

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